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Coaching: The Indispensable Leadership Skill 0 Comments

Stanford University

February 3, 2018

The majority of leaders has expertise in their field and is highly effective at managing business processes and projects. But as we make progress and gain experience, the focus is more on leading, managing, and collaborating. Few of us have received either inspiring coaching or formal coaching training. Yet coaching is what enables us to release the performance and qualities we know are possible in ourselves and in others. In this highly interactive workshop, we will learn and practice coaching methods that enable us to transform challenges into creative action. We will develop an atmosphere of candor and deep learning. Through thoughtful, insightful feedback and discussion, we will affirm our strengths and address our limitations in our individual coaching styles. Participants will be enlivened by new capabilities that support learning, innovation, and leadership.


Date: February 3, 2018
Location: Stanford Continuing Studies, Stanford, CA

Link to description and sign up: Link not yet available.