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Conversations at the Edge: The Leader of the Future 0 Comments

Esalen Institute
November 2-4, 2018

But if you pay close attention, you will see that the most masculine man has a feminine soul, and the most feminine woman has a masculine soul. – Carl Jung

There is something radically changing in the way feminine and masculine energy define and relate to each other, both on an individual and a social level. With traditional approaches no longer serving us or the world, and the reality that we must evolve or perish, many people are asking: How can we each expand into the full expression of masculine and feminine and embody these energies to create the world we know is possible? We will explore what it means to be a woman in her full femininity and not fear being too much, and what it is to embody the masculine and fully show up without fear of destruction. We will also invite curiosity about the wounds we have experienced, and how we may unconsciously re-create destructive patterns.

You can gain a better understanding of how masculine and feminine currently show up in your life; a new paradigm that honors both these archetypal energies; and a personal vision of how to incorporate this new understanding in your life, love, business, and relationships.

This gathering breaks from the traditional “expert leader” workshop model and is an experiment in radical co-creation. While there will be skilled and experienced facilitators to support our process, the format of this event is focused on learning from one another and the community that shows up for the conversation. This workshop welcomes people of all gender identities.


Date: November 2-4, 2018
Location: Esalen, Big Sur, CA
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