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Nicolson Group

For over twenty years, Mark Nicolson has consulted with organizations around the world, supporting the reimagination of leadership.  This is a leadership based in self-awareness, transformation and learning.

This orientation now lies at the heart of Nicolson Group which is a network of leading practitioners in the field of organizational development.

Nicolson Group offers transformative consulting and facilitation services to leaders, top teams and organizations that are committed to discovering values-based, sustainable solutions to our greatest challenges.


Founder – Mark Nicolson

Mark Nicolson has been consulting and teaching for the last two decades on transformative leadership in organizations and individuals. His clients include corporations, partnerships, VCs, and social change visionaries. He is a principal consultant of Ventana Group, and he has recently worked with IDEO, BALLE, Humanity United, and the Ella Baker Center, as well as with Desmond Tutu and his family foundation. Early in his career, he worked in investment banking in the UK and Hong Kong before becoming a partner in Alexander, the UK pioneer in executive coaching. He took a two year sabbatical in the late 90s to manage the garden at Esalen Institute and this inspired his life and work philosophy. He has an MBA from Stanford, and MA in Classical Literature from Oxford, and an MA in Psychology from Meridian University.   Click to read Mark’s complete bio.


Principal Consultant – Isoke Femi

Isoke Femi is part of the coaching program’s facilitation team. A co-founder and director of the Todos Institute, Isoke co- authored No Boundaries, a manual for intercultural alliance building, and developed Leading With Soul, a curriculum for cultural leadership. For over 25 years, Isoke has worked with hundreds of groups throughout the United States, supporting them to appreciate and engage difference. In her work, Isoke draws on indigenous African concepts such as: soul force, personalism, and vitalism, as ways of engaging and integrating learning.



Principal Consultant – Patrick Anderson

Patrick AndersonDrawing on over 20 years of experience in the corporate, non-profit, education and government sectors, Patrick guides individuals and organizations to achieve outstanding results within a vibrant and highly collaborative team culture.

As a management consultant, Patrick specializes in whole-system change, supporting organizations to explore and align their values and vision, and improving outcomes through the streamlining of mission, strategy, operations and delivery.

Patrick is also an experienced executive coach, with a proven track record of supporting individuals through change.  Patrick helps clients better understand their purpose, identify their vision, and map out an achievable path to become the leaders they want to be.

Patrick holds a First-Class Honors Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Western Australia, a Master of Arts from Kyoto University, and a UNESCO Masters in Peace, Development and Conflict Resolution.


Principal Consultant – Howard Schechter

Portrait HJS copy

Howard Joel Schechter, Ph.D. is the author of Rekindling the Spirit in Work , Jupiter’s Rings: Balance From the Inside Out, and Intimate Partners.  He works as a teacher, consultant, counselor, and artist.  He is an Honors Graduate of the University of Michigan and received his doctorate in Sociology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Howard founded the Department of Organization Development and Transformation at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California where he served as department chairman and professor from 1985 to 1991. He is a long time workshop leader at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California as well as other venues around the nation and the world.  He has served as an organization consultant for 30 years, helping corporate, private, and non-profit groups improve the human side of their enterprise.